Subestations for the Forth Largest Hydroelectric of the WorldPublicado em: 15/01/2018

Transdata is performing door to door operations to supply the forth largest  hydroelectric plant of the world. Twenty transformers manufactured in the Southeast of the country, in the State of São Paulo and eight transformers manufactured in China and Germany which will enter in the continent through Amazon area, the 28 transformers will travel towards Belo Monte Power Plant’ Substations Estreito and Xingu.
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Rigging Job of the Year Award 2015

SPMT’s largest fleet in Latin AmericaPublished in: 15/01/2018

After acquiring 120 SPMT’s (self-propelled modular trailers), Transdata is the owner of the largest self-propelled fleet in Latin America. Transdata is already the most complete engineering company working in Brazilian project cargo and heavy lift market in terms of quality and efficiency according to the newest market standards. 

“The structural deficit of our roads hampers the feasibility of heavy and oversized freight…
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