Locomotive Transportation - Alcoa - Belém (PA)

Transdata accomplished another project focused on innovation and engineering solutions with the implementation of the multimodal transport of a 160 tons locomotive to Alcoa’s plant in Juruti (PA). For this operation, Transdata developed the loading and unloading solution through hydraulic gantry with capacity for 500 tons. The road transport of this locomotive began from Hortolândia to the port of Belém on a route of about 3,000 kilometers. Suitably, Transdata’s done the fluvial embarkation with the navigation route by the Amazon River to the Alcoa’s plant in Juriti, where the locomotive was disembarked and unloaded on the rails.

Transdata is determined to developing, enabling and conducting global planning for projects that lay on quality, accuracy and safety relying on innovative processes, state-of-the-art technology and the most modern equipment available in the world market.
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